This blog was developed in order to showcase some of my more chilling concept work in progress as well as document early influences. These are visions of haunted dreams on darkest nights... distant memories to be relived over and again in fitful slumber:

It is a springtide in time forgotten; with eyes ajar, I can still feel my childish fingers brush lazily against long dry grass in a field that is littered with stones. A hazy sun slips behind the dark cool clouds. I wear cut-offs and squat barefoot on the graying loam. The goblins are here. I can see their dread features hidden in the twisted crags of broken rocks...drawn in shiver lines.

Incubation [Dermoids Wicked Progeny]

>> Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dermoids Wicked Progeny and All Associated Images © and TM Tom Hicke.
There are several possibilities for the birthing of Dermoids. The more outrageous ideas appeal to the mad scientist in me. Remember David Cronenberg's The Fly [1986] was steeped in Lovecraft's horror-fantasy more than science acting as more of a plot device. Remember Jeff Goldblum's matter transporter experiment gone haywire [see below.] How fast did you forget his hokey explanation of physics? I was slickly and quickly drawn into the classic dangerous knowledge horror theme via Goldblum and Geena Davis's stylishly matched performances.
TM 20th Century Fox and all respective holders.


Chest-Cavity Child [Dermoids Wicked Progeny]

>> Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dermoids Wicked Progeny and All Associated Images © and TM Tom Hicke.
The name says it all.


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