This blog was developed in order to showcase some of my more chilling concept work in progress as well as document early influences. These are visions of haunted dreams on darkest nights... distant memories to be relived over and again in fitful slumber:

It is a springtide in time forgotten; with eyes ajar, I can still feel my childish fingers brush lazily against long dry grass in a field that is littered with stones. A hazy sun slips behind the dark cool clouds. I wear cut-offs and squat barefoot on the graying loam. The goblins are here. I can see their dread features hidden in the twisted crags of broken rocks...drawn in shiver lines.


>> Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fissures drawn along the crusted earth appear…
mere scratches on God’s own guarded ground.
Yet behind this benign facade so unrevealing,
bares a secret...
beneath the cryptic seam’s concealing:
Within the chasm cracked and yawning…
vile, slinking things are spawning.
Fiends that mark a lonely ambler’s stumbling stride…
to crack and crush his hollow bones,
then swallow him alive.
Cracked © 2010 Tom Hicke.

Written a while back, this piece brings to mind a wonderful and captivating poem that scared me silly as a child. I could barely stand to read it without slamming the over-sized children's book shut. If it's been a while since you dared... check out the inimitable Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky.


Quick Sketch_part 03

>> Monday, January 2, 2012

River Kobold and Slough Sprites don't usually get along.
Drawing is a dreaming awake. Pencil to paper can feel electric and ghostly like a magic lantern image only you can see until the drawing is complete. It is an intimate and strange sensation to see beings of some forgotten world crawl and writhe across your sketchbook page.

This fellow looks angry at having to sit for this sketch. Too bad.
This quickly inked goblin head [shown near actual size] was completed on vellum overlay for a student demonstration in my Pen, Brush, and Ink Illustration class this past semester.
 Fae-Men Designs © 2011 Tom Hicke.  


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