This blog was developed in order to showcase some of my more chilling concept work in progress as well as document early influences. These are visions of haunted dreams on darkest nights... distant memories to be relived over and again in fitful slumber:

It is a springtide in time forgotten; with eyes ajar, I can still feel my childish fingers brush lazily against long dry grass in a field that is littered with stones. A hazy sun slips behind the dark cool clouds. I wear cut-offs and squat barefoot on the graying loam. The goblins are here. I can see their dread features hidden in the twisted crags of broken rocks...drawn in shiver lines.

Quick Sketch_part 02

>> Sunday, December 18, 2011

Average 9 foot Cave Damon [on the right] and a particularly large and nasty Squalor [left.]
I usually get back to loose sketches to finish them more, even if they go unused for their assigned project. Recycling a sketch for another concept or finishing it could inspire something entirely different. [continued next post]
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